Ask your Electrical Company Before Hiring them for Test and Tag Purposes

A wide range of testing equipments, ranging from simple hand-held devices to complicated electronic appliances; are used by service providers. Accordingly, you can hire companies that use basic equipments such as the Megger and provide handwritten results and tags indicating just Pass or Fail. Or you can hire Test and Tag that comes with complete electronic paraphernalia for traceable results than can be stored and tracked later any time you want. Such a service provider will provide you with detailed analysis of each and every test conducted on individual machines. He will come prepared with sophisticated appliance tester, barcode scanner and electronic printer so that you can see the detailed results instantly.

Insist on Certificate of Compliance

This certificate is a vital piece of document. It indicates that at the date and time of testing mentioned, all appliances provided were checked and certified accordingly by the technician concerned. It comprises details such as name of the electrician, date; time and place of test and all the test results.

Always check for Experience

Although this goes without saying but with electrical appliances you must be extra cautious. The diversity and range of appliances and faults checked by seasoned service providers can never be accomplished by new entrants. Naturally, you cannot expect the same level of expertise and experience from them. Therefore, before hiring always ask how many years the company is in this business. Avoid companies that are less than a year old. Even if you decide to support a fledgling enterprise, always ask if they have access to trained technicians for technical advice on niche issues and more intricate machineries.