Workplace Accidents That Printing Staffs are Prone to

Commercial printing industry employs a lot of people and is still very popular nowadays. With this being said, the staffs working in this industry are prone to accidents. There are large moving parts and people working all day round. Lack of attention can result into accidents – making this industry one amongst the many industries having an accident-prone environment. Here are a few of the most common accidents that the printing industry staff are prone to.

Due to slipping or tripping

Another common accident is due to slipping or tripping. Commercial printing industry is no different from other industries like iron & steel, chemical or cement industry. People work at various levels and heights and are always prone to slipping and tripping. Slipping can result due to various reasons like uneven floors and straps, pallets, presence of oil, water or leaflets on the floor and others.

These can be moderate to fatal, depending on where the person falls. Safety precautions are again important and should be carefully followed. Also, the management has to ensure proper housekeeping, designated areas for storage trucks and trolleys, covered potholes and proper maintenance of all the equipments.

Due to chemicals

Printing industry involves things like ink, chemical washes and use of other chemicals to maintain the machines. It’s very important to wear gloves and washing hands regularly helps. However, accidental spilling of inks and chemicals can lead to burns and irritations.

While dermatitis in hands and fingers is the most common accident and side-effect; carelessness can lead to other things like nausea, irritation, asthma, allergy, acid burns and vomiting. Some inks are also carcinogenic in nature. Commercial printing agencies should bring in strict policies to ensure the staffs are following the rules. After all, precaution is better than cure.