Work Place – How to Reduce Back Pains?

If you have computers at every desk, ensure that the screens can be tilted to the required angle. Have sufficient space on each desk to accommodate the computer, key board, files, and other stuff like pens, paper weights, and phones. Having enough space will ensure that your employees do not have to twist and turn awkwardly to get at things.

Allow your employees to take regular breaks not just for a smoke or coffee but for stretching out. If they have to use the excuse of coffee or bathroom breaks every time, too much caffeine can make them hyper and affect their working capacity.

Allot work in such a way that your employees are not doing the same type of jobs for hours on end. This will not only break the monotony, it will also give them a chance to change their posture and walk about without losing out on man hours.

If the work involves lifting weights or heavy objects, use mechanical aids wherever possible and if the employees do have to lift weight make sure that they are properly trained in the right way to go about it.

Have medical aid at hand at your work place. Let your employees know that they can consult the medical fractioned any time the need. Be sympathetic, lend an ear to their woes, and inculcate a culture of caring for one another.

Finally get in touch with Workers Compensation Lawyers Sydney and seek their advice regarding compensation laws and insurance.

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