Why Taking Whey Protein Powder is Necessary for Those Who Workout

The foods that you eat or don’t eat will majorly affect the results of your exercise program, even more that the exercise itself.  You might never reach your full fitness potential unless you can master what you eat.  The inability to that might potentially even cause you harm.  The most current research has helped frame nutritional strategies which help you build muscle, mass and strength and get the most of your workouts.  Whey Powder is one such dietary element that fits in this category.

The Best Time for Whey

Just as important as it is to consume whey for good muscle building, it is also important for you to consume it at the appropriate time so as to maximise its benefits.  Research has shown that this supplement immediate results when you consume it within two hours of resistive training exercises.  This is because whey protein assimilates very fast and reaches your muscles within ten to fifteen minutes of your consuming it.

However, research suggests if you are young then this window of opportunity could extend up to 24 hours after resistive training exercises.  Further, if you consume about 20 grams of whey protein before your exercise and a similar amount after the exercise, it will provide the twin benefit for fat burning as well as building-up muscle simultaneously.

Whey Helps Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle

Research shows that when you consume natural growth hormone supplements in conjunction with exercise is a great way to lose more body fat while your muscles are better preserved too. A whey protein bar is something experts recommend when you have the urge to snack.  When you consume whey an hour before and after resistance exercise, you get a greater increase in fat-free mass and muscle strength.

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