Why is it Worth using Timber Flooring?

Going back to the old times, some houses are built with wood, timbers, or bamboos. As the time passes by, houses are commonly made by cement and stones and even the flooring too. There were lots of floorings invented such as tiles, carpets, linoleums, etc. But nowadays, timber flooring has become one of the most desired flooring by the renovators and house owners. Despite that it is expensive and not everyone can afford it, there are lots of advantages we can get having this.


Uniqueness. Trees have different looks from each other. Even if they were in the same variety of a tree, they don’t grow exactly similar with each other. It means that this kind of flooring will never have same pattern with the others which gives the house a unique appearance.

Long lasting.

Despite of the fact that it is really expensive that some cannot afford having this, this is really worth spending for it can last for more than a decades. It is wiser than having carpet in your home which you should change every five years depending in its condition.

Easy to clean.

This kind of flooring is easy to clean whether you are using vacuum or brooms. Dust can be easily seen and stains don’t stick on it. Even if the kids left marks of mud from outside, it is just easy to wipe the mud off.

Timeless beauty.

Even having this for more than decades, timber floorings also gives a long lasting beauty in your home. Unlike carpets and linoleums, its beauty and color doesn’t fade away as time passes by.

Less prone to bacteria, germs or allergens.

If you have pets like cats or dogs, this kind of flooring is more suitable for your house especially if your concern is the health of your family. Allergens can easily stick on the carpets and furs would be very hard to get from the floor.

Eco friendly.

Since it came from the natural resource, timber is renewable and recyclable

Easy to repair.

If it happens that it got extremely damaged or scratched, it will be easy to get fix and will give you a low cost of repair for it can be fixed with sand and seal.

Free from unpleasant odor.

Some of the flooring when got stained, the odor of the stain remains and you need to clean it thoroughly. Timber Flooring Sydney has a wooden floor aroma making you feel more at home and gives the relaxing feeling of nature.

Warm feeling.

This kind of flooring gives a warm feeling in your house which could be a great advantage during cold season.


There many different types of this kind of flooring allowing you to choose whatever color and style you like.

Double the cost value.

Having this kind of flooring will give you an advantage in case that you have a plan of selling it in the future because houses with this kind of flooring are more likely to buy and the price can be greater than or double of your expenses.

Money is really important, but come to think of the advantages that you might get having Timber flooring at your home. It will give you a great way of living and the fact that it is worth spending for.