Why Hire a Photo Booth for Wedding Functions

Shouldn’t a photo booth belong to a teenage party where the kids can dress up and take weird photos? Well, a great majority of the recent wedding functions that happened didn’t seem to think so! Photobooth as part of the weeding function or reception is a hot new trend and everyone seems to be trying it. Accompanying the photo booth are a whole lot of fancy props – optional of course in case you want a more sombre treatment – and other tempting goodies like photo strips with customized messages, a message album where guests can write down their wishes to the newly-wed couple and what not. So if you were wondering whether or not to book one for your wedding, here are five awesome reasons in favour of having one at the venue:


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It is a great way to let your hair down

After the solemn wedding ceremony, something fun and whacky is always welcome! And it just makes the whole event so much more memorable to have something unexpected and weird like this at a wedding. The fancy props, the whole feeling of re-visiting childhood, and just the amount of fun one has posing for funny photographs (straight faces are a definite no no!) is a simple yet effective way to relax and enjoy the moment.

Where else can you see your peers and your elders in funny poses

And that’s the basic idea behind having a photo booth in your wedding function isn’t it? To catch and freeze in time those intimate moments when everyone you know and love had a smile on their faces, and a toy boa constrictor around their necks!

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