Why do Home Owners Get Picky when Choosing Kitchen Splashbacks

When you are renovating or investing on new home appliances and kitchen items in your house, you should not forget the kitchen walls. If you put colourful kitchen splashbacks, then you will not only be decorating the kitchen walls but also preventing it from getting dirty. While cooking, you would often stain the walls behind the countertop due to grease, oil or another splashes that may occur while you are working on dinner or lunch for your family.

Colour combination

When you are choosing a splashback, it should be in a colour that enhances the look of the kitchen. If you have yellow walls, then go for kitchen splashback that is yellow in colour. It will suit the sunny feel of the kitchen. However, if you want to something different, you can go for contrasting colours. If you have light green walls, then having a dark green or dark red kitchen splashback, makes the kitchen look very trendy. Dark colours effectively hide stains and splashes, making the kitchen appear organised and neat at any time.

Cost effective

One of the advantages of putting kitchen splashbacks is that it is very cost effective. Many people spend a lot of money on getting their kitchens painted with anti-stain resistant colours. While it is beneficial, you may need to spend more on the maintenance of these walls. In addition, grease and oil marks do leave marks on the wall. However, using a kitchen splashback at countertops that get messy quickly is a more advisable solution. If the splashback wears off or chips off, you can still invest on a new design and colour at reasonable rates.

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