When to Start a Vaccination Programme for your Pet?

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility of taking care of your pet. However, some pet owner doesn’t seem to give importance when it comes to pet vaccination. They don’t appreciate the importance of following a regular schedule or checking out if all the shots have been administered. So if you have a pet, always discuss with your vet about a proper schedule for pet vaccinations and know more about all types of vaccines that are available in the market for pets.

Vaccination Program for Your Pet

For puppies and kittens, the vaccination process should start ideally at the age of six weeks. Some variations are permissible but this is the general age when your pet must get its first shot of vaccine. This is because by this time, the natural immunity protection offered by mother’s milk begins to wear off. The pup or kitten thereby becomes susceptible to a host of infectious diseases that can have immediate or long-term effects on its health. Personal injury lawyers

The initial dose is followed by consecutive doses that are administered once every month till the pup or kitten is four months old when the final dose is administered. Over this period, the vet will also administer a booster dose or a distemper vaccine. Such vaccines usually comprise of three, five or even seven different vaccines that are administered through a single shot.

Consult a Veterinary Clinic for the vaccination of your pet.

Vaccinations provide the Perfect Opportunity for Annual Check-ups

How many times have your put off taking your pet for a thorough check-up by the vet? As long as your pet is healthy and full of life, you don’t really make an effort to take it for a regular examination. Annual vaccinations provide you with a great opportunity for taking your pet for a thorough examination. Often such examinations are more important for the well-being of your pet and vaccination just becomes a part of the procedure.

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