What Tops to Wear with Jeans?

A pair of well fitting jeans is an essential in every fashion conscious individual’s wardrobe as any fashion boutique would suggest. But then the dilemma of what to wear along with it starts.

You can choose to wear your pair of jeans with a same color shirt or top, breaking the color monotony with a coordinating belt.

Fashion Boutique would be able to offer you tops, jackets, and accessories to help you achieve different kind of looks with your pair of jeans as per the occasion.

Button tab tops can be used on a pair of jeans for a casual look whereas a polka dotted top can be used for a friendly neighborhood walk or when shopping out. You can also try out boat necked tops or off shoulders for daily wear.

A well chosen pair of sneakers, a button down shirt and a traditional cardigan can work wonders for you by keeping the look casual yet elegant.

For a more chic look, choose trendy colors as per the season for your tops, scarves and shoes. Animal print loafers can make a style statement preferably leopard print.

If you can, try rolling up your jeans. It will help focus attention on your designer pair of shoes.

Try various experimentations like teaming a striped button down shirt with a striped cardigan along with a pair of flat ballet shoes in hot colors. You are sure to be a trendsetter.

A colorful bag or tote can always add to your style quotient.