What Should a Commercial Painting Contract Contain?

A legal contract is a written agreement that defines the details of the work allocated to the commercial painters. It is absolutely necessary especially in huge projects with big budgets. These contracts will avoid scams and substandard work quality. It is not enough if you have a contract that is a replica of a previous work because every project will have its own requirements. Before you write down the terms and conditions of the project, think about the intricacies of the project and include the minute details as well. Here are some general clauses that should be mentioned in the contract.

Parties involved

The first and foremost mention in the contract would be the details of the employer and the commercial painters or painting company. Include the correct names and addresses. Verify if the names are printed as per records.

Work allocation

Clearly mention what work is expected from the commercial painters. Include details such as how many interior and exterior walls are to be painted, number of coats of paints and primer and additional use of graffiti if any, colour schemes, quality of paints used, number of commercial painters working on each day or the number of man hours that will be paid, deadline to complete each task and so on. Discuss them with the commercial painters so that there is clarity about the work.


Mention the cost of every raw material used in addition to the payments to the commercial painters. It is understandable that there cannot be a fixed amount due to various factors such as change in market prices, you can always have an estimate and caveats that include change order rates or some speculated changes in the work. It is better to anticipate the worst scenario and include in the contract like terms and conditions of cancellation if need be.

Payment schedule

Many contractors ask for an initial deposit before starting the actual work. This is permitted and required as well. The commercial painters will have to invest on raw materials and get the equipment ready spending some amount. It is advised to restrict the initial deposit to not more than one-third of the total estimated expenditure. After the initial payment, it is good to have an agreed payment schedule. For instance, 25% of the remaining amount after completing interiors and the rest after the exteriors shall be paid. Some kind of such agreement would be helpful for both the employers to arrange the amount and the commercial painters to plan the work.


It is important to mention about the warranty in the contract which is a way of quality check as well. If the commercial painters are bound by the warranty, the chances of shabby work are reduced. Mention the legal consequences if the contractor does not abide by the contract.

Contracts are for the good of both contractors and employers. It is a gesture of building trustworthy relationship. Make sure that you hireĀ commercial painters Gold Coast for your home.