What Kinds of Software and Platforms can help you Better Manage your Accounting and Billing

One of the major areas of any business may it be big or small is the accounting part. While a good accounting software like XERO integrated with CRM can help you manage you invoices very efficiently and in an organized manner, unsuited software can cause great trouble for you in finding out the exact accounting or billing data you may require. So before you install any random software, it is always better to understand the features of different kinds of softwares.


Are you a freelancer and are you irritated of writing the invoices in the same old Microsoft excel? If yes, you can try Freshbooks, which is excellent accounting software which is built to manage your billing details, track them when you feel like and even collect your payment on time in a quick manner. It is a painless way of doing your accounting which also has the features of recording timesheets, reminder for late payments and attaching receipts.

Zoho invoice

Small businesses cannot possibly manage billing and accounting procedures very well without good software. So Zoho is the right option wherein managing your invoices as well as keeping an update becomes hassle free and substitutes all the paperwork which you might have been doing in the past. It also provides a feature of tracing the overpayments, online payments and the advances your customers have given by exporting or importing all your contacts. It also has an option of selecting a language and currency which is preferred by your client, which also helps in maintaining customer service.