What Kind of People should Avoid Kneeboarding

While knee boarding can be a very happening sport among the many water sports it can be a harmful sport for a few people. Though it can be done just by wearing a life jacket, wet suit and paddling or kicking the water there a few reasons as to why kneeboards are harmful and what kind of people should not be using it on a regular basis.

Problems caused due to knee boarding

Knee boards can strain the body as it bounces on the water and paddling or kicking the water brings in knee, back and ankle pain. Especially people using compression boards should be very careful, as it rides on lower water levels and creates a pull effect on the body. These are preferred only by the experts.

Also knee boards which do not have sufficient padding below the knee and ankles can cause jerks and stress the body. So it is always better to attach the padding with an adhesive.

One common mistake people do before knee boarding is not stretching enough. Your body tends to get stiff if not stretched well and causes pain in shoulders, back, abdomen, knee and legs.

Placing your feet below the buttocks and not on the side of the body, leaning forward with bent arms and not sitting straight also causes pain while knee boarding.

It is also recommended for pregnant woman to avoid engaging in strenuous water sports like kneeboarding. This water sports raises the adrenaline level and excitement which is not appropriate for them.