What Kind of Décor Best Suits Garden Weddings

Wedding indeed is the most important part of your life, and many of you might be fantasizing to have a classic wedding. You might be visualizing outdoor weddings such as, wedding on beach, or lake side, or in a beautiful romantic garden.

You can turn your dream into reality by arranging your fancied weeding within your budget.

Aromatic candles

Use aromatic candles for decoration. There are diverse variety of aromatic candles available in the market. You can use different types of fascinating candles for decorating the altar and aisles. Without seeking much investment, candles are capable of illuminating outdoor weddings in the most beautiful way. In addition to that, its alluring aroma will spread romance and love into air.

Sea Shells

You can use sea shells for preparing the centre piece of the table for outdoor weddings. Instead of buying expensive centre table item, get them free of cost from sea coast. They come under one of the most elegant décor items. You can spread them in glass containers of diverse shapes, and blend them with flower petals.

Bubble Machine

Bubbles simply look fabulous, and their exclusive property of reflecting various colours and light make them even more magnificent. You can use bubble machine in the garden, and situate it at a place, where not much movement of people is there.

Bubbles add magical effect into outdoor weddings and make them look like some fairy tale. While arranging the bubble machine, make sure that it throws bubble at a decent pace.

Make sure that you hire Sydney Kombi wedding car that is perfect for the garden theme.

Marquee structures have different designs to offer for this special occasion.

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