What kind of Behaviour Entails Domestic Violence

In many families, there are two kinds of people – one, the aggressive and dominant personality and the other – the vulnerable and submissive personality. If there is domestic violence in the house, then often the dominant person becomes the aggressor and the submissive person becomes the victim. Again, in most cases, the victims are women or children and the accused are the men of the family. According to World Health Organisation, 35% of women across the world experience domestic violence in one form or the other.

So, how to do you realise that a person is abusing you? What kind of behaviour entails domestic violence? Domestic violence can occur with the partner you are intimate with or through verbal gestures or even threats. In many cases, women are unaware that they are being abused which amounts to domestic violence.

Threats of violence

Sometimes intimidation is equivalent to family violence, even though the aggressor is not physically violent. In such cases, the abuser threatens the victim with rude or obscene remarks or threatens to kill or rape them. These threats that cause mental trauma for the victim who is in constant state of fear is domestic violence.

Emotional abuse

More often than not, the aggressor abuses the victim emotionally. In such family violence cases, the abuser ill-treats the victim by humiliating or embarrassing her. It can also include controlling the actions of the victim such as eating or meeting people. If the victim is scared of the dark, then the aggressor will lock the victim in a dark room. This will cause emotional and psychological trauma to the victim.

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