What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity is ranked amongst the most common dental problems around the world. Dentists reckon that the problem emerges due to damage caused to the gum-tissue. This occurs when a proper tooth-brushing routine is not followed, and dentin, which is the underlying layer of the teeth is exposed, and ultimately the tooth erosion which follows leads to the development of tooth sensitivity.

The problem is more commonly seen in people between the ages of 20 and 40. Tooth sensitivity is not age-dictated per se. It can also occur in old age. Research shows that women are most likely to suffer from tooth sensitivity.


Our teeth are covered by a layer, known as the  tooth enamel. Beneath the enamel there is a softer layer, called the dentin. When the dentin is open to the elements, it causes the teeth to develop sensitivity. As a result, the gums become weaker, and the enamel layer on the teeth starts thinning. Due to this, dentists say, patients are likely to experience pain while eating foods – both hot and cold.

Dentist Help

The moment you feel or recognize that you may be developing tooth sensitivity, consult Dentist North Shore right away. He will speak to you about the symptoms you’re experiencing. And then examine your teeth to determine what is causing the sensitivity. Some people are hesitant to seek a help of a dentist – dental phobia, which should be address properly.

As a healing remedy, he will administer de-sensitizing products on the affected teeth, to get rid of the pain and the symptoms. Furthermore, as an alternative, the dentist would also prescribe you certain fluoride gels, vanishes and rinses, to help keep your teeth, gums and mouth clean.