What is Inside a Mattress?

There are various types of fillings available for mattresses. These can be expensive or less expensive based on your choice.

On the expensive side, you have silk, cashmere, premium foams, wool, goosedown and latex.

The less expensive options include foam, coconut fibres and reclaimed cotton. These tend to break easily as compared to the expensive ones and hence the mattress will not be very resilient. Some other fillings include:

Gel which is a cross between a liquid and a solid, usually used in the medical field

  • Micro Tec which has minuscule appropriated coils for support and endurance
  • Eco Comfort Memory which is antimicrobial, temperature sensitive memory foam that moulds to the shape of your body
  • Eco support, which has ergonomically designed cell structure
  • Eco pad, which isa thick layer of chopped foam
  • Talalay latex, again antimicrobial
  • Latex, which is a natural, hypo-allergenic and antimicrobial, latex rubber
  • Eco loft which is naturally inert rayon fire barrier
  • Eco quilt, the antimicrobial super soft layers of which provide supreme comfort
  • Eco flex which helps maintain proper alignment of the spine reducing the risk of lower back pain

A good mattress can provide immense comfort to your lower back, especially if it has the right mix of all the elements and is capable of the bounce back action.


The box/foundation is a box, sometimes wooden, sometimes slatted, on which the mattress rests. This box must be well maintained to increase the longevity and resilience of the mattresses.

But ultimately, one has to be the judge of what is comfortable.