What are the Types Crushing Equipment?

When it comes to mobile crushing, the end results are dependent on two factors: the equipment and the expertise of the person handling it. There are different types of crushing equipment for different kinds of projects. Here are the most common ones:

Hammer mills – A hammer mill is a machine that has free swinging hammers and a rotating shaft inside a drum. The materials to be crushed are fed inside the drum by a hopper. A screen helps keep the materials inside until the shaft and the hammers have pulverized them into the intended size. This crushing equipment is mostly used in producing crushed gravel for landscaping projects and recycling asphalts.

Jaw crushers – Jaw crushers are crushing equipment that are often used in huge mining and quarrying projects. They are designed in such a way that two plates or jaws are crushing big pieces of ores until they break into smaller pieces. One of these jaws is stationary while the second jaw is mounted on it, forming a V shape. The second jaw moves up and down therefore crushing the ores to pieces small enough to get through the opening. To make finer grains of ore, multiple jaw type crushers are employed.

Roller mill – Roller mills are crushing equipment that are employed to grind soft rocks, sandstone for instance. Roller mills are made up of rollers with interlocking teeth. These teeth will clasp the materials to be crushed and feed them into the rollers which in turn will crush them and spit them out to the other side.

Gyratory crushers – Crushing machines that use hoppers in the shape of a cone with a crushing head that rotates inside the hopper are called gyratory crushers. It has an opening at the bottom where the crushed particles will fall through. Gyratory crushers are sometimes mistaken with cone crushers. Their difference is that the crushing chambers of the gyratory crushers are less steep than those of the cone crushers.

Whatever project you need to complete, may it be quarrying or construction, it is best to consult experts so that you will rent and use the right kind of crushing equipment. They can also make you understand the safety measures required when using mobile crushing equipment.