What Are The Probable Excuses You Can Hear From HR?

It’s really surprising how clever and imaginative Human Resources can get when they have decided not to do their job properly. You will hear things like “our policy has already been exhausted” or “this injury report needs to be filed first under your own disability”. Some excuses are simply too technical and designed to confuse you while others are meant to disappoint and deject you. All of these excuses have a simple and similar aim. The human resources guys do not want to give you compensation and increase the expenses of the company.

You have to understand one thing very clearly. In the first place the decision of awarding compensation is not in the hand of HR. It’s not even in the hands of the company you work for. The decision is in the hands of law and here is where compensation lawyer comes in the picture.

Why you should make sure that you get compensation?

If you are injured at work then the law allows you to claim compensation for your injuries. This compensation should cover medical expenses, hospital bills, doctor fees and other associated costs.

If you have suffered from an injury will impair you ability to earn then the compensation amount you get should cover the expenses needed by you to maintain a decent lifestyle. If you have undergone mental trauma because of your injury then psychological counseling costs will also be included in your compensation package.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your injury. This may sound cold blooded but it’s necessary. Don’t forget to preserve medical bills and the written diagnosis of the doctor whom you have consulted.