Wakeboarding Workouts and Exercises

It is now winter and time to put away your boats and wakeboards. This is also the perfect time to improve your wakeboard riding skills and physical strength in order to enjoy the sport next summer. Wakeboarding requires you to be strong, agile and fit so that you can handle the strain of riding the board and skimming over the water at top speed without injuring yourself. A few simple exercises can help you to condition your body specifically for this thrilling yet strenuous water sport. Wakeboarding also helps in losing weight.

Push-up and Pillar Bridge Circuit

This is an extremely effective workout for strengthening your chest, triceps, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips and abdominal muscles. While performing this exercise, the aim should be to keep the back perfectly straight with the shoulders pulled apart. Start by performing a push-up and pause as you reach the top position.

Hold the push-up position and place your feet wider than the shoulders. Without moving your torso, lift your left arm, turn it towards your left side and hold in position for a few seconds. Lower the left hand to the ground for support and repeat the movement with your right arm. Lower your body just as you would lower it for a normal push-up round. Repeat as many times as required.

Hold them in one straight line so that your body is resting on your arms and shoulders. Bend knees and pull the ball towards yourself. Allow legs to roll over the ball once and then push the ball back to original position with your legs.

Weightlifting and other strenuous activity should be done with moderation, especially if you are just a beginner.