Wake Boarding Safely Tips

Correct communication is of supreme importance if you want your wake boarding experience to be safe and fun. However, amidst all that din of motorboats and other wakeboarding enthusiasts, hand signals are your only way of effective communication.

Learn the basic signals by heart like an extended left hand means left turn while an extended right arm indicates right turn. Showing the thumbs up signal to your spotter means you want the boat to go faster while thumbs down indicates that you want the driver to slow down.

Raising your hand with an open palm means you want the boat to stop while the circle signal with your thumb and index finger indicates that all is OK with you.

Don’t be Reckless

Wakeboarding should be enjoyed at an ideal speed of 17 – 25km/h. Also, if you are a beginner you might have difficulty in maintaining your balance while standing up from your initial crouching position.

Your driver should then steer the motorboat at a slow pace giving you ample time to position yourself correctly. Always discuss such issues with the crew of the boat before embarking on your ride.

Use a Shorter Rope

Typically, tow ropes used for CWB Wakeboarding range between 60ft and 70ft in length. However, if you are a novice, it is advisable to use a shorter rope that is between 20ft and 40ft long. This will help you to maintain your balance correctly, manage the rope efficiently and get out of water safely in case you do topple over. Also remember to put your stronger foot forward while taking stance on the wake board.