Various Categoties Under EWP Training

The Elevating Work Platform is known to be one of the most widely-used equipment in construction yards and other areas where heavy-duty tasks are being carried out. The help of the EWP is needed as it can provide access to areas that are too high to reach. A lot of companies need this type of equipment as it gives the other workers an ease of access in a very safe way – knowing that high areas such as electric poles are very dangerious.

Once you undergo EWP training, you will be able to receive different categories that will be taught to you. In this way, you will be able to learn more about handling the equipment, and you will also be able to become more knowledgeable about the different rules applied when using it.

Here are the following categories under this training:

Basic Information

The basic details about the equipment will be discussed thoroughly under this category. Learning the different names of the equipment’s controls, legal requirements needed to operate it, advanced details about the equipment and its history will be provided.

Logbook and Manual

The logbook and manual of the device must be learned in order to make you more well-trained for the task. The logbook is extremely important to full out as an EWP operator as it will provide you a better way to maintain the machine. The manual must be read in order to have a better understanding about the machine and how to operate it. It will also serve as your handbook once you do the actual work after training.


You will also learn more about the control facilities and the different buttons and levers that operate the device. Details about the correct position of the equipment before operating it is a must to learn as well. Learning the harness is also under this category. This will also teach you how to do the proper means in transporting, as well as moving the EWP properly towards the target location.

EWP Training

Specifications of the Machine

This is the biggest category in the EWP training program in Sunshine Coast. It will explain the different specifications that made the equipment as is. This will give you details about the limitations of the machine such as the wind rating and its weight. Also , you will learn more about the tools needed in order to maintain the equipment, as well as studying how to charge its battery as well. Also, the product’s safety features will be taught here.

Safety and Emergency

Lastly, this category is where you can finally prove that you’re capable of using an EWP. This category will teach you about hazard management such as working on power lines with the device near it. It will also teach you about inspection of the equipment before starting it. Usage of the safety feature is included here, along with techniques in performing emergency rescue plans and retrieval with the help of an EWP.