Types of Loading Docks

Loading docks play a crucial role in industrial units. Large quantities of final products, raw material and waste are constantly loaded on heavy weight carriers for transportation to various destinations. The right kind of loading dock is important to facilitate easier logistics and reduce the time spent on loading and unloading various kinds of materials.

In most cases, loading docks are built keeping in mind the regularity with which they need to be loaded and the kind of materials the unit primarily deals in. In order to better understand the basic types of loading docks for forklifts.

It is best to hire a freight forwarding company to ship your goods for they have the means to deliver it safely and on the given time.

Enclosed Docks

Enclosed docks are typically built within the main building premises and accommodate large trucks for loading purposes. Although they are not common among industrial units, they are used or built when greater product security, or overhead forklift are required.

The major disadvantage of this kind of loading dock is its high construction cost and limited space as compared to other styles. Since the area is enclosed, adequate adjustments have to be made to ensure ventilation.

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Open Docks

Open docks, unlike enclosed docks are not built within a building area. Usually, an existing open area is converted to accommodate basic loading facilities. While this option may prove to be cost effective in the long run, in reality it poses several problems too.

The open air dock is ideal for places where there is limited rain or no frequent weather change. Otherwise, the materials or products that need to be loaded may suffer damage.

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