Types of Inline Skates

In line skates are used to perform one of the most widely practiced sports, inline skating. The key feature of these skates is a set up of four to five wheels arranged in a row. It is accompanied by a boot, a metal frame attached to it, wheels under that, bearings; to increase the mobility of wheels and finally a rubber brake, to establish your control over the skates.

The basic structure varies according to the style and occasions of skating. Based on that, inline skates are divided majorly into different categories such as Flat Setup, Full ‘crescent/banana’ Rock, Aggressive Setup, which again branches out to Anti-rocker, Freestyle, and Tri-Rocker skates.

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Flat setup

It is the most advised one for beginners or anybody who is looking to practice inline skating as a recreation. The structure includes four to five wheels that are of 80 mm each arranged in a single line. As the size and shape of the wheels are congruent to each other, the resulting position will be flat once the wheel touches the ground.

A flat setup enhances speed but is not ideal for performing jump offs, squares and circles. This is because of the least resistance provided by the bearings and long frame used in the setup. Hence it is often used by marathon /speed skaters and occasionally by aggressive skaters.

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Tri rocker is a peculiar kind of inline skates that enhances speed and flexibility at the same time by perfectly fusing the salient features of both anti rocker and flat setups.

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