Tips on Maintaining your Security Screens

Once you have installed security screens at various doors and windows of your home, it becomes important to keep them maintained. This ensures that the screen is clean all the time and devoid of any dust particles. Also rusting and wearing out of these screens can be prevented with timely maintenance. So, if you’re wondering how to maintain them?

Light pressure wash

Mesh screens usually attract a lot of tiny dust particles and look messy if not cleaned well. These have to be removed once in a while and placed on a flat ground or against a wall. Further a hose pipe can be used to spray water with light pressure to get rid of the sticky and greasy dust. Also, one can use some soapy water on the mesh screen before using a hose. Most importantly the screen should be completely dry before replacement to avoid rusting of the frame.

Make use of sponge and soft bristle brushes

Most of the times security screens can be cleaned with a heavy sponge soaked lightly in mild detergent water. The corners of the screen should also be taken care of to avoid dust build up. To remove stains or spots on coated screens a brush which is made of soft bristles can be used. This keeps the coating intact while maintaining the look of the screens.

Air drying is compulsory

Whether you remove the security screen and place it on a flat surface or clean it in its actual position, always make sure that you screen is air dry and completely devoid of moisture. You could even use a dry rag or towel to clean the corners and drain the water content fully.

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