Tips on Choosing Cosmetic Lenses for the First Time

Cosmetic lenses have become an all time favourite among youth, who want to try different colours and look pretty. But unlike contact lenses, cosmetic lenses should not be bought from online retail stores which are not reliable. One should visit a recommended optician and only once a proper prescription is got the lens has to be chosen.

Try out the colours

Cosmetic lenses are available in a wide variety of colours which range from lavender, green, hazelnut, silver etc and can be used based on the individual’s choice. They also contain little amount of glitter in them which add to your personality. Do a colour analysis to understand which colour suits you the best. Brighter colours usually enhance your eye features and are chosen by many.

Match with your skin tone

You will have a wide range of choice for colours which you can choose to match your skin and hair colour. Using cosmetic contact lens like violet, sparking blue or vivid green will make the dark skin tone look great while combining the two colours together. If your skin tone is olive coloured you could go in for darker shades of cosmetic lenses like dark brown, hazelnut or grey which will contrast with your skin and match it beautifully.

Test at informal gathering

You would not like everyone staring at your cosmetic lens and makeup at a formal gathering, where people do not prefer loud colours. Always test and trial the lens in an informal gathering like get together or parties, where everyone is dressed for the occasion. This way you can even experiment with different coloured lenses and also attract other people’s eye.

There are disposable lenses when you buy contacts online.