Tips for Shipping Gifts to Australia

We all love shipping gifts to our friends and loved ones no matter where they reside. The sheer joy of having been able to send or receive a gift package safely across distant shores is incomparable.  However, US shipping from Australia has some guidelines for you to know in order for your gifts to reached it’s destination safe.

Wrap your Gift Securely

No matter where you are shipping your gift from, shipping companies always advised  that it must always be wrapped securely. It will be handled by many people not all of whom will be equally careful. If you want your gift to arrive safely and in good condition you must wrap it with extra care. This is especially true if the good is a womens clothing or of fragile nature.

Always use bubble wrap on furniture to insulate a fragile article against harmful outside forces that can break it. As an added precaution, always mention ‘fragile’ in bold letters on all sides of the pack. Also put an arrow indicating the ‘UP’ side of the pack so that the shipment is positioned correctly.

Mention all Addresses Clearly

Both the sender and the receiver address should be mentioned clearly and in bold letters on the top of the pack. Ensure that the address is written in thick indelible ink that will not wash away if water falls on it. It can be disastrous if the address becomes smudged or even if one of the alphabets or numbers wash away. Your packed parcel may never reach its destination or be delivered to the wrong address.