Tips for Roller Skating Outdoors

If you are comfortable skating indoors and are looking for a change, then trying the pavements is a good idea. Now roller skating on the roads means you have to be skilled at skating. Otherwise, you will be in the danger of ramming into a pedestrian or will injure yourself when you fall.

Roller skating outdoors is extremely fun as you zig zag your way around people and slide through the turnings. If you are commuting from one place to the other with the roller skates you are saving lot of money. In addition, you are also doing your bit to conserve the environment by not depending on any vehicles for transport. Roller skates are also a faster mode of transport if the destination is close by.

When you take a step from the indoor skating to outdoor skating, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Outdoor skates

Indoor roller skates have soft wheels which do not have a firm grip as they are made for the indoor skating rings.

You have to convert your roller skates to suit the concrete cement pavements. You will need to hard wheels that enable you to balance a bump, ride faster and have a strong grip.

You can also add bearing which you can use while skating outdoors. But remember, it needs regular cleaning and lubing.

A toe stop or heel brake is a must as you may suddenly need to stop abruptly. Toe heels will ensure you do not have an accident and are able to skate through any unavoidable object.