Tips for Preventing Water tanks from Freezing

When you install a water tank in your house, you are saving a lot of water from going waste. Water tanks not only reduce your water bills, but can also be used for various other purposes such as gardening, washing vehicles and bathroom toilets in the house. In addition, a water tank allows you to do rain water harvesting. You are doing your bit to conserve the natural resources of the environment. Conserving water also means that there should be no leaky toilets or plumbing issue present in your house.

However, if you are living in a cold country, during winter season you can expect the water in the water tanks to freeze up. As a result, you will neither be able to store water nor will you be able to use the water in it.

Insulate the water tank

To prevent water from freezing during winter, many companies advise insulating the water tank from the side and top. This will ensure that the water remains warm for a longer period. As a result, the water will not freeze up.

Do not insulate the bottom of the water tank. If the bottom of the water tank is insulated, it will not only prevent the water from freezing but boil the water in the tank. You will not be able to use the water until it cools down a little.

Insulate the walls

Insulating the walls, attic and basement is necessary as it will not freeze up the pipes that carry the water from the water tank to the various points in the house. If not insulated, then the wall, attic and basement will reduce the temperature and freeze the water pipes which in turn will solidify the water passing through it.

Try to use a solar water heater on your water tank.