Tips for Organising Camping Trips for Students

A school camping trip is one of the most creative recreational activities that students are enthusiastic about. When it comes to organise camping trips for students, you need to consider many useful activities that your students can enjoy while also gaining knowledge. The following are some handy tips for you to organise camping trips for your students.


Start by looking for an appropriate location for your camping trip. If you can afford a National Park in, this can be your great camping ground. School excursions Snowy Mountains offer some great facilities and may even allow recreational activities within the premises. Sometimes, nature and wildlife are prominent in such areas. Your students can learn and enjoy staying with the nature.

If you are looking for some local campgrounds, then make sure that the ground has trees and gardens with proper boundaries. You can look for some facilities like mini restaurants with washrooms, dormitories, and recreational areas. It might be a good idea to visit the site before announcing the final camping location to your students.


Camping trips for students can be successful if you keep certain things in mind. If the camping site is too far from the school, you need to arrange for transportation. The vehicle must be spacious enough to fit all your students and the accompanying teachers.

Make sure that you allot trained and experienced teachers and camping trainers at handling and supervising a specific number of students in a public area. Inadequate supervision of students can ruin your camping trip.

When you are on a trip, make sure you have the discipline in throwing away your wrappers or plastics. For business owner, use skip bins.

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