Tips for Improving Ergonomics in the Office

Ergonomics is a science that has its roots in furniture design, aesthetics, interior decor, physics and biology. It’s a multidisciplinary approach to wellness and health. Office ergonomics deals with the maintenance of correct kind of furniture alignment and proper posture so that the employees can be more healthy and productive.

Ways to maintain correct posture

Due attention should be paid to the head, spine, neck, arm, hip and foot posture as these will determine how productive and functional you will be at office. Office ergonomics say that your back is always supported and your shoulders are always relaxed. There should be minimum amount of pressure placed on your thighs. You should keep changing your posture as frequently as possible to enhance blood circulation.

The keyboard is meant to be struck softly so don’t use too much force while typing. Make sure that your forearm, hands and wrists are in an approximately straight line. As far as possible avoid resting your hands on hard surfaces or sharp objects. Don’t keep reaching out for office supplies by bending your body at awkward angles. Make sure you take frequent mini breaks to rest your muscles.

Ergonomic consulting will advice practicing alternative activities which utilise different sets of activities to prevent muscle strain.

Make your workstation at office warm and inviting by hanging up artwork, putting up photos on your desk and some potted plants on the floor. These techniques will help you be a more productive and positive individual at work.