Tips for Designing an Annual Report

Annual reports are reflection of an organization vision and performance. A well designed report will effectively communicate your standing in the busiĀ­ness and your stakeholders. Therefore, Annual report should offer your shareholders thorough insight into your vision for the future and be able to raise stake in your organization.

With the advent of technology, these days annual reports are not only commercially printed in physical format but digital formats as well. However, there are various aspects that must be considered while designing a quality annual report. Seek advise from Sydney corporate printing company.

The Basic Design

There are some basic sections such as cover, index, history, finances, performance, future plans, and appendices which make for an annual report. However to make them more presentable and effective, major organizations put a designer and a copywriter together while generating their annual reports.

The designer takes care of the choice of the cover, the quality of paper, the binding, the fonts and typography as they create first impression of an annual report. The designer should ensure that organizations brand and logo should be presented very effectively and impressively at the cover.

The annual report should highlight your brand and its logo throughout the report to reflect your organization. The copywriter should take care of the quality and accuracy of the content. The various sections of an annual report should be in sync and go with the flow.

In digital format of the annual report, you may use videos and dynamic graphs to provide insight into your future plans, growth or market sharing.