Tips for Avoiding False Alarms on Your Alarm Systems

False alarms are a hassle for the security system, the homeowner as well as the police response team. Often they are caused by homeowners who trigger their alarm systems or their alarm system backfires. As a responsible homeowner, there are some guidelines in avoiding false alarms, as there are consequences.

Human measures

Don’t allow guests or house guests to touch your alarm systems Brisbane as they have no idea how it works and can accidently set it off. For your house guest, you have to properly explain things to him or her so they are careful not to trip your alarm system.

It may be a good idea to simplify the alarm system if you have a lot of people coming and going in. Pets can also be responsible for false alarms, so you have to buy those alarms that are designed for pets and won’t be triggered by their movement. One way to resolve this is to have a containment system for your pets.

Dealing with objects

If your alarm system is comprised of motion detectors then there is the possibility that uncontrollable movements in your home can trigger your alarm system. For example, the plants sway or automatic toys turn themselves on, these some realistic reasons for false alarms.

To reduce the risk of false alarms, keep all moveable items out of the path of motion detectors and place them in cupboards or fix them to spaces. False alarms can also be caused by pests, spider webs and even dust. Be sure to keep the corners where your motion sensors are clean so nothing flies into its path.