Tips about Fashion for Women in Thirties

Priorities change, and so stylish Womens fashion takes a back seat. In such a scenario, the smart thing to do is stick by the rules, and follow the dress-code at the office – if there is one. Buy clothes with neutral colors, and the footwear, let it be light, lean and simplistic.

Keep Things Interesting

Because you’re thirty years old does not dictate that your sense of fashion becomes boring. No. Keep the wardrobe subtle, but also add a little variety and make things interesting. There should be a mix of colorful clothing, patterns, muted shades. This way, you will not lack in your professional styling, and personal fashion.

Ensure that you dress according to your body type. Ill-fitting apparel will unnecessarily highlight your flaws. Buy clothes which are not too tight nor too loose. They key is that the clothes which you wear should allow you to breathe in them. click here


When you are in your thirties, you have to say goodbye to certain things in your wardrobe. Loud and chunky accessories, for instance. These things suited you well when you were younger, still in college, chilling with your girls. Not anymore. Choose accessories of high-quality. Don’t invest in wear and throw Cocktail dress. In case of footwear, don’t be too adventurous, opt for comfort instead.

As far as vanity makeup goes, subtlety should be your motto. Remember two points. Don’t go for bold colors – too much around the lips and eyes is a strict no-no. You don’t have to look like a Plain Jane either.

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