The Top Types of Shipping Methods

Over the years the shipping industry has witnessed numerous inventions and innovation in the field. Owing to the rising number of developments, it has thus become all the more important for the top-runners of this industry and work towards continuously upgrading the methods and machines. Ship launching is an integral part of the shipping industry. New systems of ship launching have been launched and continue to be upgraded from time to time.

If you’re someone who is mulling on setting foot in the shipping industry, it would be a good idea to acquaint yourself with the basics first.

In a Nutshell

Before comprehending the details of each type, you should know that basically there are four types of shipping methods which are primarily used in the industry. They are called as: Gravitational type launching, Floating-out type launching, Mechanical Type launching, Airbag launching. All four methods have been in use since a long time now, and have earned the sobriquet of being traditional methods of ship launching in the industry.

Gravitational type launching

The Gravitational type launching is further sub-divided into three parts. They are: Longitudinal Oiled Slideway Launching – as the name would probably suggest, in this particular method the ship is placed on a slideway, and then with the help of its own weight, the ship slowly slides into the water. This is achieved by applying a coat of oil on the slideway, which enables the ship to slowly move and settle in water. Although this method is hugely popular because it is uncomplicated, the only concern however is that the oil used on the slideway, to transfer the ship, can cause water-pollution.