The process of Video production

Video production is a 3 stage process that involves pre-production, production and post production. Pre- production can be thought of as the foundation of video production. Before shooting can begin, an idea has to have been created that led to a script being formed. New and unique ideas can lead to huge success. Pre-production is a difficult mind consuming task and some companies have whole teams set up to come up with novel and unique ideas for their productions. When the idea is formed, the team then needs to visualize it and put it down in words, in the form of a script. This is also when budgeting and the determining of shooting locations happens.

After pre-production, the next step in video production is the actual production. This is when the models, actors, camera men, video guys and all other people involved in production go to the locations chosen and begin to shoot video. In order for production to take place, the crew needs to work in a team and coordinate. When shooting is conducted efficiently, the chances that the video produced will be brilliant are raised exponentially. Great production is however not only reliant on having a good team but also great equipment such as various lights, high definition cameras and digital and audio aids.

The final stage of video production is called post-production. This is done after the shoot is over and the footage is reviewed. The best shots are usually chosen to go into the final video and these are then edited. Video editors should not only be creative but also have technical knowhow. This ensures the video delivers the message intended while creating sequence and harmony. The post production phase doesn’t only involve video editing but also audio. This may involve voice over work or background music. Video production is very similar to film making, the only difference being that images are not recorded on film stock but instead on electronic devices such as hard disks or solid state storage.

Video production is an art that includes the service of creating television commercials, wedding videos, television programs, corporate videos, special event videos and even home videos. Video production therefore ranges in size from small; a person with a camcorder recording a video at home to large professional set ups that involve set construction, multiple cameras and production trucks as well as television crew. There are a number of video production companies available and knowing what goes into the process is an important step in figuring out what the budget for a production could be.

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