The Necessity of Heat Reflective Coatings in our Homes

Concrete, when first invented by the Romans, was a great boon to civilization. In today’s world though, it is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. Concrete in our homes and offices stores heat throughout the day and then releases it into the atmosphere when night comes. So the more buildings we build, the hotter our planet becomes.

Development is an undeniable necessity but if there are ways to prevent a global catastrophe, then it would be in our own interests to use these. Heat reflective roof paints not only reduce the temperature inside the home, they are also useful for reducing the impact of all our city buildings on the atmospheric heat levels as well – a phenomenon known as “Urban Heat Island Effect”.

A heat reflective coating is made up of paint like material but it has special infrared pigments and some other reflective substances that can reflect anywhere from ten percent to ninety percent of the sun’s light back into the atmosphere. The result – your house feels that much cooler as soon as the paint is laid out!

Plus, the fact that you will cut down on the use of air conditioning units and other machines that increase your carbon footprint is an added bonus.

Other benefits of heat reflective coatings

•    It prevents the concrete in your building from cracking up due to the sun’s heating effect and makes it more durable. It also provides a waterproofing effect.
•    Is non polluting in nature
•    Reduces your electricity bills as you use less power to cool your house than before
•    Is environment friendly

The use of renewable energies like the wind and the solar are advisable to use nowadays. Solar panels are installed at home to collect the solar energy then convert it to electricity using photo-voltaic cells.

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