The Importance of Having Security Screen Doors

Home security screen doors, sometimes referred to as storm doors are installed on a lot of homes for a lot of reasons. These reasons include: energy-efficiency, defense from inclement weather and pest and, of course, safety. A second layer of door would mean another barrier from burglars and thieves, most especially if it is made from durable material. With today’s technology, screen doors are made of various styles, security features, materials and so much more.

The Best Screen Door for Security

Regardless of the design and style, a good screen door has two main parts, namely the screen frame and the window screen. The screen frame should be durably made in order to resist damage. Most often, wood and aluminum are used because they are more resilient and gives you the advantage because it requires low-maintenance. If and when you decide to have one of those heavy duty home security screen doors, you can opt for steel or wrought iron – which can be a bit on the expensive side.

Other materials used for screen doors include polypropylene, fiberglass and vinyl. Screen door windows can also be made of glass panel and galvanized steel wire or screen. The advantage of having a glass panel door gives you a full view of the outdoors. It may be interchanged with screens during warmer seasons. have stylish double screen and panes of glass to increase security.

Securing Your Screen Door

Now that you have chosen the right and the best material for your screen door, it is critical to think of its attributes and quality in terms of security. Most home security screen doors come in a variety of a locking mechanism such as deadbolt with key on both sides and even multipoint locking. Some glass panels make use of laminated glass for better protection. For screen doors, it is best to use galvanized steel and bronze – both of which gives a tough and tear-proof screen.

For an even tougher security, protection and defense, you may want to choose screen doors that have steel or aluminum bars attached to the frame. Good and sturdy solid hinges are good investment since it adds another line of defense.

Additional Tips

You must evaluate your security protection needs before getting a screen doors. Usually, back doors need a tougher and sturdier protection than front entry doors. That being said, you may get a usual aluminum-made door for your front, and a heavy wrought iron door for your back. You must also assess your ventilation and insulation needs too.