Termite Extermination Service

Subterranean termites enter your home through cracks in the foundation wall, or if there is a lack in the sealants around underground pipes and other such fittings. Any area where the wood in the house’s structure comes in contact with the ground and the area are not sealed and termite proofed properly can be an entry route for the mites. And once they are in, they will always find alternative routes of entry into the house.

Other services offered

It is also important to know that besides the termite treatment and extermination service, termite control companies also offer many other services. One of them is the annual check up, and this is a necessary service too. Checkups are necessary to ensure that the mites do not come back and that all protection put in place are functioning well. Another service offered by these companies is the termite proofing of your house, which again is very necessary and should be done on a regular basis.

Kitchens – Ants Prevention

For ants to survive for a long time, they need to have a supply of water along with food. And that is precisely why you need to throw away any long standing water from your kitchen. Make sure the pet’s water bowl is not kept in the kitchen, and there is no water in the sink or in any cups left lying idle on the counter when you lock up for the night.

Keep the containers closed tight

Use zip pouches, sealing clips, and air tight containers to keep all your food stuff safe and away from the reach of the ants. Not only will this keep your food fresh, but it will also make the ants beat a hasty retreat.

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