Team Building Leadership Styles

The type of leadership will definitely define the mood and commitment of a team towards its goals and plays an important role on team building. What follows are some of the leadership styles.

Situational Leadership

Situational leadership is practiced, when particular goal has to be attained in a defined time frame. To attain those goals, a change is brought into the style of work, rules and delegation of roles and responsibilities. In nutshell, things are tried in new way, with completely new perspective.

In situational leadership, the motive behind introducing all the challenging situations is to ensure, that the team starts working with new enthusiasm and attitude.

Visionary Leadership

In the conference of team building, visionary leadership was given paramount importance. The leader in visionary leadership uses his visions, and designs the plans and strategies accordingly. The leaders focus on new technologies and bring drastic changes in the team.

Long term objective requires visionary leadership and all the team members are inspired to accept and follow the new ways, to achieve the goals.

Goal-Oriented Leadership

Goal oriented leadership works towards achievement of set objectives. Such a leadership is required, when the team is baffled, or is following some vague objective, with no defined plans and strategies.

The goal-oriented leader entertains the problems of team members and proactively gives them right suggestions.

Leadership Theorist

In the Conference of team building, this type of leadership won a lot of accolades. It is practiced to attain technically complicated goals and requires highly experienced leaders, who can comprehend the technical complexities and can direct their team.

The leaders are required to arrange intelligent debates among the team members, and make sure that no vague suggestions are coming from them. The leaders follow various models; data, statistics, and design the work model for their team.