Statistics of Robbery In Australia

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) compiles data with respect to crime from various sources and publishes the statistics every year.

The Statistics

The reports show that robberies have been on the rise since 2007.

  • 18000 robberies were reported in 2007 which was 4% above that of 2006.
  • Of these, the increase in unarmed robberies was 6%
  • The victimisation rate was 74 per 10000 people.
  • Victimisation of youngsters was more than that of adults
  • Males between 15 to 19 years of age showed the highest victimisation rate of 434 per 10000
  • Victimisation in women was the highest between ages 20 t 24 recorded at 102 per 10000 women.
  • Little less than 46% of robberies occurred on the street.
  • About 43% involved weapons
  • Knives were the most commonly used weapon.

During the period prior to 2011-12, the estimated number of robberies was 188600 in which about 66400 people were involved. Of these about half – 52% of the victims were reported.

Incidence by Location

Armed robberies may happen in public locations or commercial locations. According to the 2006 statistics by the NARMP, the incidence at commercial locations is lower than that in public locations. The location wise statistics show:

  • On the street or footpath – 42%
  • At transport-related locations – 9%
  • At recreational locations – 7%
  • In their own homes – 12%\
  • At retail settings – 9%
  • Corner stores/takeaways – 6%
  • Service stations – 4%
  • Licensed premises – 3%.
  • Other locations 8%

The statistics show that people are three times more likely to be robbed in public locations as compared to other locations.

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