Skip Bins: What to do and what not to

If you are planning to hire skip bins for your rubbish or garbage disposal, what you need to make sure is that you know how everything works, from the skip bins you hire up to the waste management company where you plan to get your service from.

The Do’s of hiring skip bins

Do know the purpose of your bins

Of course, before you hire one, what you need to make sure is, why do you need the skip bins for. Knowing the purpose of your bins will let you determine, the size of the bins you are planning to hire, or whether or not you actually need to hire one. Assess your rubbish and see if you really need to hire skip bins, or black bags are just enough.

Do ask for discounts

Sure, this is something you can always do, not just limited to skip bins you are planning to hire skip bins Melbourne. There is nothing wrong asking for discounts, some may say yes, some may say no, but still you would not know unless you ask. If you are a repeat customer, they might agree on giving you special rates.

Do take care of the bins

You just rented the bins, thus better take care of it. You received the skip bins in best condition, thus the company is expecting you to return them exactly as how they turn it over to you, only that it has rubbish inside them.

Do make sure, that you have enough space to park the bins.

Make sure that the area where you plan to park your bins is good enough for them to fit. You do not want to break your bins just because you force the bins to fit in a small area or you parked them in wrong places.

The Dont’s of hiring skip bins

Do not overload your bins

This is important, thus you better assess the amount of rubbish you are planning to dispose. Overloading may require you to pay extra, thus better make sure that the size of your bins are just good enough for all your rubbish to fit in.

Do not go over the scheduled pick up

Be mindful with the scheduled pick up, asking them to return after an hour or even wait for 30 minutes may lead you paying extra. Know their scheduled pick up, or if in any case, you think you cannot commit on the schedule, better advise them before hand or better discuss this matter before having your bins delivered.