Sinks & Toilets Replacements

The two most often used bathroom areas are the sink, and the toilet. With every flush of the toilet, you send a whole liter and half of water down the drain. It makes sense to use a toilet flush that is designed to maximize water use and is efficient in design while minimizing the amount of water flushed away. Few years back, we had a single flush toilet design but nowadays the dual flush system is taking precedence over other designs. Needless to say in the coming years, there will be more advanced designs that will be out in the market. Not only will these designs help you save up on your water bills, they will also be more environmentally friendly. Try the services of plumbing services from Melbourne.

The same goes for bathroom sinks. We spend such a lot of time washing hands, or our faces, and a lot of water gets wasted this way of we do not have sinks with properly working faucets or leaky pipes. Also, water leaking out sinks can cause mold and grout in your bathroom tiles, destroying it to the extent that you would have no other option but to replace the whole thing. Thus you see, changing and replacing your bathroom fittings only works in your own favor! So, remember to call in emergency plumbing Brisbane to replace the old fittings every few years to avoid any disasters.

Smell Drain

Pour something mildly acidic like edible vinegar down the drain. It not loosens scum and grease but also freshens up the kitchen atmosphere. Using vinegar along with a small amount of baking soda will create a fizzy solution that can easily unclog drain pipes and get rid of foul smells.