Simple Tips to Marketing and Selling Art Online

Creating beautiful art is a talent that artists have. However, producing art that sells well in the market will take a lot of effort. It will involve skills for selling, marketing, and even PR. Everything should all be in place before you complete your artwork.

If you are selling art online, then you have to prepare the right things for the said venture. You can take control of all your future art sales if you take the right course of action. Here are some of the simple tips to take advantage of if you are planning to sell your artwork online.

First, you have to consider creating a press release. This is actually an effective way for you to build public relations and look for new collectors. There is no need to wait for major events just to send a press release. When it comes to press releases, note that any news is practically worth sharing. The plain fact you are completing an artwork is already a news. You have to start writing and distributing your press release. One day, you’ll be able to attract editors.

It is beneficial to submit to online directories and galleries. There are numerous art listings that can help you establish your art brand online. The listing serves as your marker, directing potential collectors to your main website or to your artist blog. When you are using the listing service though, expect your art to appear in it after 30 days on average. After all, these art directories and galleries may not update in real-time.

Making three telephone calls per day in relevance to your art trade is a given. Generally, artists prefer to work in studios. However, an artist must work hard to become comfortable about discussing work and even building work relationships within the industry. These are important to your success, after all. The more exposure you gain in your field, the more you max out your opportunities. You can reach out to publishers or fundraisers by just making calls.

Do not be afraid to enter contests. Nowadays, artists are given unlimited opportunities to showcase their artwork through contests. Be it a minor competition or a major one, you should try submitting your artwork. Not only will you be showcasing your artwork to the world, you can also have a jury of professional artists critique your work. Their comments will help you improve your artwork even further.

Building a sales letter is highly recommended. This is the best follow-up tool you can take advantage of in your marketing campaign. The sales letter is just a one-page letter introducing your artwork to your receiver, why people love your artwork, and why the gallery or boutique would benefit from selling the artwork. Do not forget to include shots of your artwork together with the description.

Create a website or an artist blog. Every artists need to have a website to be able to start selling art online. This is where he or she will be uploading most of his or her artwork, after all. It is like a portfolio. Nowadays, it should not be that difficult to create a website or an artist blog so go for it.