Significant Capacities of Hydraulic Tipper Trailers

Nowadays, the hydraulic tipper trailers have made the unloading tasks easier for the manufacturing businesses, agricultural farmers and property owners. They are well suited to unload some heavy stuff that includes hay, generators, equipment, fertilizers, logs and rubbish etc. Since they are made of high quality steel followed by a hydraulic ram operated lift, the unloading is made easier for you that provides effortless results. You just have to press a button and the trailer does the work itself around any acreage. With terrain and tough tires, the trailers are suitable enough to transport the heavily loaded stuff to your property where standard trailers can’t do so. The tipping is made usable due to an opening rear flap while the trailer wheels are removable and height adjustable. The demand for a hydraulic tip trailer has surged due to its effectiveness for transporting useful stuff at one’s own comfort.

Different trailers have different capacities. There are three and five tonne trailers that are built strong enough to last for long. Such trailers are produced with the best quality materials. The three tonne trailer has chassis beams that are around 125 by 75 mm rectangular hollow sections. Whereas, the chassis of five tonne trailer has a heavy rectangular hollow section, i.e. 150 by 75 mm. The deck size of a three tonne trailer is 2.25 by 2.3m and the five tonne has a deck size of 3.3 by 4.2m. Apart from that, the seven tonne hydraulic tip trailer has a standard deck size of 3.8 by 2.5m but can be modified to reflect customer needs. If the tipper trailer is used for harvesting purposes, then the deck size has to undergo several modifications. The chassis beam for such trailer is 150 by 100mm rectangular hollow section. Moreover, there are nine and eleven tonne trailers as well. They have a chassis beam of 200 by 100 rectangular hollow section. But, the deck areas are different for nine and eleven tonne trailers i.e. 4.4 by 2.4m and 4.8 by 2.4m respectively. Apart from this, the sixteen tonne hydraulic tipper trailers are also manufactured for some specific purposes. Some of them include grain harvesting, transporting hay and other logs.

The hydraulic tip trailer with its maneuverability proves to be an efficient time saver and has all the features that are needed for effective handling of heavily loaded stuff followed by a superior tipper. This is then aided by the rear flap that is opened for an easy tipping during driving. The safety of hand brake and removable sides makes the tipping trailer more beneficial for tradesman and other professional workers.