Should you repair damaged Ski Tubes for your next adventure?

Water skiing is a really exciting sport. There is nothing more exhilarating than whizzing across the water on well inflated sturdy ski tubes. However the quality and the condition of the tubes are of utmost importance here. If the tube is not functioning properly you will be exposing yourself to health risks and danger. After every water skiing season, dry out the tubes completely and store them at a place where rodents can get at them.

How to check for inflation levels?

If you see that your ski tube is not being inflated properly then you should immediately get it replaced. This is because a tube with low inflation will sit low on the water instead of bobbing up. This under inflated tube will have to be dragged across the water instead of the customary smooth glide. Resulting stress will cause the outer cover to tear or the tube may rupture. Both these situations are dangerous to the skier. Check whether the surface of the tube is smooth, rotund and free from wrinkles. If you cannot inflate the tube properly get rid of it and get a new one immediately.

It’s good to check the air bladder inside the tube too. If the bladder has a tear, the tube should be replaced.

How to ensure that the ski tube retains its shape?

When you pull out your old ski tubes from the closet and try inflating them, they might blow up in a misshapen way.