Services Offer By Furniture Removal Companies

The staff of the furniture removal company you hire must be thorough professionals. Apart from being courteous and honest, they should be well-experienced in the business. Make sure they have taken annual training to improve their skills in the field. The foreman who supervises the furniture removals and packing should be trained well.

Before Moving

Your furniture removalists should provide you with enough details regarding their services. They should visit your house before the moving day to conduct a proper survey and plan their job accordingly. They should also give you a proper estimate regarding the cost, the value of your furniture and compensation for any damage they might cause. They should also ensure a high-standard packing for all your furniture.

During Moving

When it comes to actual moving process, make sure your furniture removalists provide you with sufficient packaging materials for all your possessions, like toolbox, tape, bubble wrap, cartons for linen, mirrors and lampshades and the like. The cartons they provide should be of the right shape and size. Most importantly, the vehicle they use to transport your furniture should be waterproof.

After Moving

Once your furniture is moved to your new place, make sure your furniture removalists ask you to sign a form that says they have carried out their services well. Ensure there are no damages. If any, try to settle it amicably without any legal proceedings.

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