Safety Measures to Take When Waterskiing as an Amateur

Waterskiing was started in 1922 by Ralf Samuelson using a pair of board as skis in Lake Pepin. For this water sport, there is a boat and a person who is tied to the boat with the help of a rope. When the boat is started, the person starts skiing on the water with the help of ski board. Waterskiing, just like wakeboarding, is done in deep water, and the skier crouches down on the water skiing board.

Safety measures

Before you start the waterskiing you have to be aware about the safety measures to be taken to avoid accident and save precious life of your own and others. You have to know about the equipments used, basic rules, and your team and team work before going for waterskiing. Always wear all the safety devices as life jacket, foot bindings, and standard skis. Spotter and boat operator should be experienced enough about the waterskiing and there must be enough life saving equipments on the shore to save life of skier. Maintain a safe speed and stay away from other boats and skiers as it can be dangerous.


Signals are also a very important thing while you are going for waterskiing because it is signal which is the only mode of communication between you and spotter & boat operator so take proper training about all the signals to be used in skiing before going to water for waterskiing.

The spotter

As boat operator is busy in operating his boat with maximum safety and paying his attention on the path ahead then it is the spotter who pay attention on the skier all the time and inform the boat operator about the position of the skier.

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