Safety Measures to Inform Staff About So that Conveyor Belts are not Misused

Conveyor belt systems are used in a variety of machines and systems throughout the world. When the word conveyor is used, it is common for people to think of the baggage delivery belts at most airports. However, in reality there are several industrial and everyday use machines that use similar systems. Check conveyors in Brisbane here.

Ensure the belt is obstacle free

Be it a treadmill based conveyor system or an industrial machine, it is important that the staff overseeing the machine and its functions are constantly advised to ensure that there are no obstacles to affect the movement of the belt. Should there be obstacles, it can slow down the movement and in serious cases even lead to circuiting issues.

While on the one hand the belt should be checked it is also important to ensure that the motor is kept obstacle free and checked constantly. This will ensure free movement and allow for optimum performance.

Have test runs

Whatever the machine or equipment you are handling, it is important to ask the staff in charge to have test runs before using the machine. Be it a treadmill or other motor based machine. At the start of every new day, a simple dry run will ensure that the belt and machine are given adequate warm up time before they are put into full use for the day.

Test runs will help staff to also spot any technical problems or signs of damage early on. This will prevent major problems from damaging the equipment further thereby helping to save money on maintenance.