Safe Forklift Manoeuvring Tips

It’s estimated that most accidents happen because safety precautions such as placement of proper warning signs have not been done. It’s important to ensure that the best safety practices in the industry are followed when dealing with something as crucial as a fork lift.

Keep the truck near the inside of the turn

Most industrial forklift drivers will begin picking up loads and placing them long before the truck reaches the actual destination. The wheels of the forklift will make a 90 degree turn which has the tendency to increase the ratio of tall swing. This indirectly means that the front wheels of the vehicle will start pivoting when the truck starts approaching the load. This is why industrial experts recommend keeping the truck near the inside area of the turn. The tail should be kept swinging wide at all times.

Manoeuvring inside narrow aisles

Industrial forklift experts advise drivers to use the front inside positioned wheel when negotiating a way inside the aisle. The driver should be aware of the exact point where he needs to make a turn. The tail swing of the vehicle should be analysed properly and the driver should be always aware of where the rear end of the vehicle is. Pedestrians walking around the rear end of the forklift are at a huge risk as the tail of the forklift has a tendency to swing quite violently.

Its best to get the area cleared of pedestrians when a forklift is operating inside the aisle.