Right Age for Roller Blading

Roller blading or inline skating is a healthy competitive and recreational sport, similar to jogging and biking in terms of health value.

In many cases, fatal accidents have led to death and broken spines and bones. Most of the injuries are caused by trying to break a fall or by trying to stop suddenly. Most of the victims of falls and injuries are kids aged below 15 years of age. Proper roller blading gear should be worn at all times by your kids to minimise injury, if not totally avoid it at all.

What is the Right Age for Inline Skating?

Opinions among parents vary a lot when it comes to a safe age for inline skating. Many parents feel that kids should be between 7 to 9 years before they start roller blading in earnest, but many parents allow their kids to start at the age of four years. And by the time, these kids are six years old, they become pros at it. Other parents allow their kids to start at the age of three years.
Instead of squabbling over an appropriate age, consider your kid’s attention span, maturity, balance and coordination levels, activity levels, stamina and physical strength before deciding if the child is ready to skate. If necessary, enroll your kids in a couple of beginner classes to help them gain confidence.

Your kids can practice the proper use of roller skates in roller rinks and ice rinks from the age of toddlerhood. Whatever strength and stamina they are lacking at the age of three or four or five years, will develop on their own as the kid becomes confident.

Taking a protein supplement can help an athlete to recover faster from an injury that he/she might have acquired.